Corporate Video Production

Pagano Media has been using video to help companies tell their stories to internal and external audiences for over 40 years.

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Set the stage

Opener Videos

There is no better way to kick off an event than with an energizing or inspiring sizzle video.

Demand the crowd’s attention from the get-go with a captivating reel of messaging and video footage paired with dramatic music.

Video has the power to inspire audiences to fall in love with your brand or cause, and remember your event for years to come.

Pique Their Interest

Teaser Videos

Leave people wanting more with an enticing teaser video.

There’s no better way to drum up interest in your brand or event than with quick, hard-hitting glimpses of it.

Keep teasers to 15-30 secs. in order to ensure you aren’t giving too much of the fun away!

Say it with a video

Employee Videos

Video is the most effective communication tool you could invest in for your organization. It has the power to educate, onboard, and build loyalty and trust with your employees.

Your employees, like your customers, are also brand advocates. Leverage their stories for both recruiting and brand awareness purposes.

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