Worcester County Sheriff’s Office

Worcester, MA


Logo, Identity Package & Mailer

A bold look supports Sheriff Lew Evangelidis’ innovative programs for inmate rehabilitation, community outreach and civil process services.

The new logo design unifies three entities within the Sheriff’s Office, and the custom WordPress websites provide a strong user experience through well-branded design, intuitive tools and easy-to-digest information.

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New branding for Worcester County Sheriff’s Office establishes a professional identity that eliminates the need for a new logo each time a new sheriff comes into office. The new logo works seamlessly across Sheriff functions: jail, civil process and reserve deputy association.

The high website traffic of the Worcester Sheriff’s, and resulting revenue growth, leads the sheriffs from all other Massachusetts counties to request that Worcester share this website portal with them. Pagano designs a landing page to that integrates all Massachusetts Sheriffs’ offices and contributes to increased revenues from serving papers throughout the state.