Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is the structure of brands within an organization. As the foundation of brand building, brand architecture establishes how brands – the products or services within a company’s portfolio – are related to, and differentiated from, each other.

Brand architecture is about simplicity. Clear and simple brand architecture is essential to a strong brand image, coherent communications strategy, coordinated operating environment and an informed marketplace. The architecture should anticipate and embrace evolution within the organization and marketplace.

Before embarking on a new media campaign or re-launching a website is the ideal time to re-evaluate your organization’s brand architecture. It is the foundation of the strategic process.

R. H. White Construction worked with our team to refine their brand architecture. The process involved moving from an internal focus on divisions (e.g. mechanical, building, and underground) to a market focus on customer segments (e.g. energy, water and wastewater, industrial, technology and corporate). The new approach enables customers and prospects to better identify how RHW can serve their needs.