PR Planning & Execution

PR adds value. It is difficult, however, to plan the outcomes and must be integrated with other marketing initiatives.

The best approach is to look at the year ahead, and plan the next six months.

There are a number of factors that contribute to success:

  1. Assess prior year coverage.
  2. Develop objectives for current year.
  3. Establish a news release calendar.
  4. Reach out to industry reporters & offer company and industry outlook.
  5. Review publication editorial calendars and offer yourself as an expert source.
  6. Contribute or “byline” articles for magazines, newspapers, websites and blogs.
  7. Prepare case studies of customer success stories for media outlets.
  8. Speak publicly at trade shows, conferences, and webinars.
  9. Leverage social media – and go viral.

Not every press release issued by you will generate news coverage – and getting that one mention or viewing is a challenge. Consistent, frequent, and persistent communication with the media increases the probability of coverage. Keep going after the media mention, regardless of how many attempts it takes.

Our team works with public relations partners to ensure your message gets out and is consistent with your brand identity and marketing communications strategy.