The purpose of print advertising is to encourage or persuade an audience of readers to take or continue to take some action or to influence their thinking. Advertising is distinct from branding, which associates a company name or product with certain qualities in the minds of consumers.

Here are the basics of a powerful print ad:

  1. Identify your audience and what they want.
  2. Emphasize a single marketing message.
  3. Create a short, simple, and relevant headline.
  4. Use simple words – avoid jargon and acronyms.
  5. Focus on benefits.
  6. Avoid clutter – white space helps message retention.
  7. Tell reader what to do next.
  8. Make it easy for reader to contact you.

Whatever the medium, Pagano Media develops a one-sight, one-sound message advertising strategy that builds your brand awareness and recognition in the marketplace.

For Timber Trading Group, we have developed magazine belly bands, full-page print magazine inserts, full-page magazine ads, direct mail, sales kits, sell sheets, product coupons, online publication banner ads, and in-store point of purchase (POP) and point of sale (POS) displays.