2D/3D Animation

2D and 3D animation are used to add energy and excitement to a video, as well as to explain complex ideas or processes. 2D refers to continuous motion and shape change using a technique of rapidly displaying sequences of static images. 3D animation is a more sophisticated technique that begins with modeling 3-dimensional images that can be moved in 3-dimensional space.

3D models can be treated as a physical object. We can light the object dramatically, move a camera angle to look from above or below the object, add texture to objects to make it appear real, and seamlessly integrate objects into live video elements.

The method of animation is determined by the specifics of what a client needs. 2D animation is more cost-effective than 3D animation, which involves the more in depth process of modeling objects.

The Pagano team developed eye-catching 3D animation of New Balance athletic footwear technologies that captures the advanced technical aspects of the footwear components. These animations are used for in-store promotions, on the corporate website and social media channels, and for training purposes.