4K Video

Looking for effective, message-driven, persuasive 4K video for corporate, nonprofit, and academic institutions?

From writing to filming, from studio sessions to location shoots, from animation to editing, Pagano Media has everything you need under one roof.

We create video and animation across the corporate, industrial, academic, healthcare, and non-profit sectors. Our work demonstrates diversity in content and style.

Whether you require a single-camera crew with Director of Photography and Audio Technician or a multi-camera crew of 10, we bring the best team to each project.

Our Directors of Photography and Sound Technicians are industry experts who bring a focused and passionate attitude to every shoot.

In-house video capabilities include:

  • Single and Multi-Camera Crews
  • Teleprompter Services
  • Steadicam Services
  • Dolly & Slider
  • Green Screen
  • Scripting & Storyboarding
  • Make-up Artists
  • Live Events & Conferences
  • Live Web Streaming
  • Jib Arm