Digital Photography

A picture is truly worth a thousand words – especially in the online world where a visitor’s attention span is short when it comes to reading text. Commercial photography for a wide range of uses – website, print collateral, large format trade show graphics – is specialized. To achieve the best results, you need a photographer who understands the technical subject matter and has a creative eye.

When our team goes out on video shoots, we often shoot digital photography in tandem – and vice versa. This cost-effective approach of shooting both mediums at once saves you time and cost – and builds your inventory of media assets for future marketing needs.

In the age of traditional and Internet marketing, the demand for compelling and relevant media assets is exploding. We know that photos are essential to getting noticed on social media – and have the highest likelihood of going viral.

For Building Excellent Schools, we shoot digital photography and video when visiting their charter schools, headquarters and annual summit. In this way, their story is fresh and they have plenty of material to choose from when unexpected needs arise.