The technology evolves almost weekly. There are many pieces that need to be coordinated. These pieces include domain name, hosting, well-crafted product names and descriptions, quality product photography, product pricing, fulfillment, payment processing, shipping, taxes, SEO, database management, website analytics and email campaigns.

Success starts with thinking like a customer. Create more than one category for your products, and make your goods and services easy to find. Consider up sell and cross sell opportunities by offering products that make sense together. Make check-out easy. Post clear return policies. Put your phone number in a visible place on site to provide peace of mind should a question or issue arise. Use beautiful photography. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Minimize text. People do not read online, they scan.

Once your ecommerce site is live, be sure to market it!

It’s not enough to build a website. Collect email addresses and send email newsletters to customers and prospects. Try targeted advertising. Develop your social media channels. Seek public relations opportunities.