Organic & Paid SEO

Both organic search engine optimization (SEO) listings and pay per click advertising (PPC) drive traffic to your website by leveraging the power of search engines.

Studies show that users are three to five times more likely to click on a site in the organic listings than to click on a paid ad. That’s why, at Pagano Media, we integrate SEO strategy into the web design process.

Organic search is the most trusted and effective search of all. The costs for organic search are the costs of building a great site with optimized code and copy, obtaining references from other sites via hyperlinks, adding rich, relevant media to your site, and developing online and print campaigns to drive traffic to your site. Organic SEO is an on-going process that yields superior results over time as you manage your website as your primary communications hub.

Paid ads have a place in your online strategy. Displayed as one of the top two or three listings on the search results page, your ad builds name exposure and recognition. Since paid ads generate instant page one search results for your organization, they can quickly build awareness and traffic. Costs for pay per click ads range from as low as $.05 to $20 per click on Google. It depends on your market and the competition.

Our team is adept at creating an online strategy that generates results. We worked with Nitrofreeze in updating their brand identity and developing a SEO-optimized website to grow cryogenic service and equipment sales. Their site is supported by a Google Adwords campaign and an active social media strategy.