PERT (Private Equity Regulatory Task Force)

PERT (Private Equity Regulatory Task Force)


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PERT is a community of middle-market private equity experts – CFO’s, CCO’s, COO’s and GC’s – shaping best practices for the industry. The network needed a homebase for their 50+ members to stay informed on the latest regulatory updates, upcoming member events, and collaboration opportunities.

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Member Portal

Pagano designed a site that allows PERT members to quickly access new or relevant information. Simple yet bold infographics on the homepage provide visitors with fast facts and guide them towards the information they may be looking for. A login portal allows members to participate in live forums, search the member directory, and register for upcoming events. 

PERT member login
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PERT’s new site proves to be a critical tool in keeping the task force connected and informed while allowing its members to learn and grow from one another. As a result, these private equity businesses operate more efficiently and effectively while navigating the finance, operational, compliance and regulatory issues affecting the industry. 

Thanks so much for the beautiful work!

Nickie Norris

Steering Committee • Private Equity Regulatory Taskforce 

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