Kathleen Pagano


Kathleen serves as the bridge between Pagano Media’s designers and clients to ensure that projects stay on message, on time, and on budget. She is a multi-pronged strategic thinker with extensive expertise in business, communications, SEO, digital marketing and corporate culture. Kathleen’s keen eye for emerging technologies (the same one that made Pagano Media one of the earliest website creators) is what keeps our team at the forefront of messaging, design and technological advances. Kathleen has a BA in Economics from Bates College, General Course degree from The London School of Economics & Political Science and an MBA from the University of Chicago with specialization in Marketing and Finance.

Joe Pagano


Since starting Pagano Media in his Assumption College dorm room over thirty years ago, Joe has spent his career synthesizing ideas, conceptualizing creative approaches, writing, producing and directing. In the age of outsourcing, Joe believes in the value of nurturing in-house design and production talent to foster higher levels of creativity, produce superior work and ensure flexibility and timeliness in meeting clients’ needs. One of his proudest accomplishments is being self-employed for over thirty years in a rapidly changing industry. Joe holds a bachelor’s degree from Assumption College, and has done graduate work at Boston University’s College of Communication.

Leo Pagano

Strategic Director

Leo manages branding, web & video projects. He has experience in iOS/Android app design and development with a focus in augmented reality. He is skilled in Xcode, ARkit, Unity, Vuforia, HTML, CSS and JavaScript & Adobe CC. Leo’s passions include famous quotes and Duke basketball. He graduated from Duke University with a major in biology and minor in economics.

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