Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends

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Mary Meeker, a leading researcher in internet technology, released her annual trends report two weeks ago. Below, we summarize the findings most relevant to digital marketing and the future of Pagano Media. A link to a video of her 30 minute presentation and the 294 slides discussed can be found here:

  1. Mobile video is on the rise: Do you remember having to wait minutes for a YouTube video to buffer on your Blackberry or flip phone? We’ve quickly become accustomed to rapid wifi in our homes, offices, schools, and favorite cafes that enables streaming large amounts of content without delay. Even in the cellular black hole of your daily commute, you can sometimes get 4g LTE if you angle your phone just right. Conditions are ripe for the rise of mobile video, especially as phone screens get larger. In the US, the average time spent consuming mobile video increased from 14 minutes in 2015 to 35 minutes in 2018. This trend shows no sign of slowing down with the advance of live streaming and 360 video. Research shows that mobile users are 3x more likely to view a video than desktop shoppers. Even more, shoppers that view a video are 1.81x more likely to purchase than non-viewers (1).
  2. E-Commerce is accelerating: The average adult spends almost 5.9 hours online per day, over half of which is on a phone. The more time people allocate to the web, the less they spend in brick and mortar stores. E-commerce sales grew 16% in 2017, up from 14% in 2016 (2). As the internet continues to reshape the foundation of society, every business needs to consider how their online presence (company website, social media, etc.) is generating leads and increasing sales. The business arena is migrating to the internet.

At Pagano Media, we can help you leverage mobile video and e-commerce to attract customers and sell product. We see the two working hand-in-hand; mobile video is an effective way to generate interest and communicate a message. Meanwhile, a clear call to action and streamlined check-out process helps convert prospects into customers.