R.H. White Construction

Auburn, MA


Logo, Identity Package & Brochures

A market-focused strategic positioning is developed to enable customers to easily understand how RHW can meet their construction and service needs.

RHW logo is modified in a manner that respects its 90-year history and builds name awareness and recognition.  Tag line conveys an individualized approach to a wide array of construction and service  offerings.

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R.H. White Construction brand messaging evolves from an internal department focus to a market focus so as to better engage customers and prospects. While respecting a rich 90-year heritage, the logo evolves from RHW initials to the full R.H. White name to strengthen name recognition and online SEO results.

After launching their new website, R.H. White has increased their monthly web traffic by nearly 100%, and doubled the amount of time users are viewing and interacting with their site. Visitors to the website have increased their level of online engagement by nearly 40%, resulting in more business inquiries, sales leads, and brand awareness.