Shine Initiative

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Shining a Light

Brand Identity

Shine collaborates with the Pagano team to create hopeful, vibrant branding to remove the stigma of mental health among young people and to provide useful digital tools to serve youth.

Here to Help

Website Design & Development

The website engages, informs, educates, provides resources and promotes conversation about mental health.


Mental Health Awareness

Explainer Videos

Animated scribe videos convey the signs and symptoms of specific mental health conditions, and how Shine is here to help.

Make Time for Your Mind

Awareness Video

Video of youth sharing personal reflections helps youth start the conversation around mental health.

How Are You Feeling?

Mobile App

A mobile app helps youth assess how they’re feeling, provides coping skills and offers resources for getting help.


More than anything, we work with the talented team at Pagano Media because they genuinely listen to us. Before creating anything, they work to understand who we are, as well as our vision and goals. The branding and website wows us and our audiences with its quality and creativity.

Fred Kaelin

Executive Director • Shine Initiative

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