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Pagano Media understands non-profit and how to help you reach the people that need you and the supporters that carry you.

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The Homepage

Your First Impression

Your audience’s first impression of your organization is the homepage of your website. In ten seconds or less, the visitor should understand your non-profit’s mission, impact and key differentiators from other similar organizations. The challenge is to convey all of this without overwhelming the user, and enable them to easily find what they are looking for in the rest of the site.

Make it easy to get help

Provide clear, concise information and calls-to-action (CTAs)

An effective non-profit website makes helping those in need effortless, providing clear copy and CTA buttons that get people the help and information they need without having to dig through confusing navigations and layouts.

Shine effective non profit website
Shine effective non profit website 2
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Get Support

Influence others to take part in the mission

Volunteers and donors are vital to a non-profit, so it’s important to convey the need and mission of your organization with clarity and efficacy so you can move your audience to action.

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