Organic & Paid SEO Outperforms Social Media

Social media – such as Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram – consistently yield a poor ROI (return on investment) as a marketing platform relative to organic search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, according to a recent report by ROIMedia.

Early-adopter companies such as Pepsi and GM are scaling back social media spending. Costco does not engage in any social media – they strictly focus on SEO. On average, SEO drives over 75% of search traffic at 15% of the marketing budget, and is the #1 lead source for both B2B and B2C businesses (Webmarketing123). Consider these stats:

  • 77% of web users choose organic over paid results when searching
  • 67% of web users choose organic over paid when purchasing
  • organic clickthroughs generate a 25% higher conversion rate than paid

Social media can be effective for your organization – but be careful about overinvestment.

Today, businesses are finding the most effective way to engage prospective customers is through a combination of proven platforms including organic and paid SEO, email marketing, direct mail, and event marketing.

In our rapidly evolving technical world, it’s not about finding the perfect channel. It’s about finding the right mix of digital and traditional media that effectively reach your audience.