Secrets to Successful Web Video

  1. Start with Message
    Communicate what is valuable and present a call to action.
  2. Quality Video = Quality Image
    Web video has lowered the standards of video in general – good video gets noticed.
  3. Brand Your Video
    Videos go viral and you want your name on them when they do.
  4. Use Video SEO
    Make it easy for search engines to find and rank your videos.
  5. Be Mobile-Friendly
    Use close-up video for 85% of shots to ensure easy viewing on mobile devices.
  6. Make Your Title Count
    Use high relevancy keywords in title to enhance SEO.
  7. Customize Your Video Player
    Try a colored frame or a unique window size.
  8. Activate Sharing Feature
    Upload videos to YouTube and Vimeo so others can share and embed them.

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