KCB Solutions

Pagano Media designs an expansive mega-menu for KCB’s broad range of aerospace and defense products so users can quickly find what they need.


Pagano Media creates eight testimonial videos spotlighting commercial customers and how UniBank helped to grow their businesses.

Camosse Masonry Supply

Retail web design utilizes engaging video & photography to market the quality supplies offered by Camosse Masonry.

Adcole Corporation

A bold logo design conveys Adcole as an industrial manufacturing leader and drives the design of a new website.

Saint Gobain | Surface Conditioning

Pagano Media's branding drives dynamic web landing page design that visually communicates Saint Gobain’s state-of-the-art processing to engineers.

Rockland Trust

Bank customer testimonials & explainer videos are produced to educate customers on the ease of banking with Rockland Trust.

Middle Market Growth

Pagano Media designs a news website, migrating over 2,000 articles, integrating sponsored advertising, and driving membership to ACG.


Pagano Media creates a biotech website using clear copy, stunning graphics, and dramatic video and photography.