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Pagano Media combines high end video production, detailed animation, and stunning motion graphics for education video productions in Worcester, MA.

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The story

Hook and inspire

A video is a window into your school. Often, it is your first opportunity to make a good impression on prospective students and families.

Your education video – whether it is to attract prospects or support development initiatives – should weave together your school’s story and purpose with a compelling call-to-action.

Pagano’s education video projects start with a great deal of pre-production work to be sure we perfect the story and message before hitting record.

The purpose

Drive outcomes

Every video has a purpose, whether it is to raise awareness of your school, inspire students to apply, or drive financial support.

We tailor our education videos to the intended audience, but each video generally follows a three-pronged format: situation; need; action. The beginning of the video sets the stage, the middle conveys the reason for being, and the end drives action.

Put it on blast

Video Marketing

Once your education video is ready to share with the world, be sure to tailor the length to different marketing platforms.

With shrinking attention spans and widening content competition, we recommend videos be 15-30 sec. for social media, TV, and digital advertising. Videos for events or websites can be longer, but should still remain around 2-3 mins.

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